How did they Vote?

Curious to see who voted for what? Below are copies of votes on bills important to Monongalia County voters.


Cindy Frich and Joe Statler Voted FOR

Rollback of mine safety regulations, risking miners’ lives.
Rollback of drinking water protections.
roll call - roll back of coal mine safet
Drinking water roll call bill.png
Forced pooling for drilling.
You lose the rights to the minerals under your land without even being taken to court.
forced pooling for cotenants - roll call
Elimination of seniority rules in higher ed - 
layoffs, with no right to recall,
punishing longtime state employees.
 Elimination of prevailing wage, allowing employers to bring lower-paid workers in from other states.
higher ed bill roll call vote - 2017.png
eliminate prevailing wage roll call.png
 Right-to-work (for LESS), weakening workers’ ability to fight for decent wages and working conditions
Elimination of the requirement to have a license and background check to carry concealed weapons (opposed by all law enforcement in the state).  
right to work roll call.png
roll call - concealed weapon, no license

Cindy Frich and Joe Statler Voted AGAINST

Adequate Raises for teachers and other public employees UNTIL the teachers forced them to join DEMOCRATS in supporting raises and to FIX PEIA.
The DEMOCRATS' Proposal to Eliminate of the state income tax on Social Security. (Most states do not tax Social Security income!)
And PEIA STILL isn't Fixed!

At a recent forum, each candidate was asked how they would fix PEIA funding. Cindy and Joe's answers?
"Wait and see what the task force comes up with."

Every Democrat in attendance, however, had a plan for raising revenue either through new streams of tax revenue by legalizing cannabis, raising the severance tax on natural gas to 8%, or through modest increases in tobacco or "sugary drink" taxes.  

We shouldn't be WAITING to fix a problem that literally effects people's lives.
Let's find real solutions. Vote Democrat.

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