Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair:

On June 25th the Mon County Democratic Executive Committee elected new officers as well as several new committee members. Outgoing chair Kelly Palmer and other former officers helped smooth the transition so we could hit the ground running. The Committee is working hard to let folks know Democrats fight for social justice and support the working families of West Virginia.

  • Amy Gentzler and Julia Hamilton coordinated a Kid’s Day activity: “What Do You Love About West Virginia?”

  • The Communications Committee coordinated by Bader Giggenbach has updated our web page, is posting on Facebook and providing resources to those who want to make themselves heard through Letters To The Editor. Thanks to Nathan Bartolo we have a twitter account.

  • And we were there for all 5 parades!

  • The finance committee headed by Danielle Thomas is gathering the resources we need to get our message heard.

There isn’t the space to list all the people who are working to make West Virginia Blue. The cooperation and energy within our team is inspiring and exciting.

People often ask me: “What can we do?”

SUPPORT OUR CANDIDATES. Volunteer, get a yard sign, and donate.

More candidate information: candidates



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