Monongalia Democrats Stand with Immigrants

The shameful conduct of the Trump Administration and ICE toward refugees, documented and undocumented immigrants, and U.S. citizens has weakened our country and tarnished the reputation of the United States of America. The land of the free and the home of the brave is now a place where children are ripped from their parents’ arms, refugees are detained in squalid camps, and hardworking people live in fear of a knock on the door in the night.

In the past few weeks, ICE has brought its campaign of fear and intimidation to our state. There is no migration crisis here. The recent raids are simply an attempt to terrorize members of our community who are attempting to better their own lives.

The Monongalia County Democratic Party calls upon all our elected officials to work to end the immoral and un-American practices of the Trump administration, and to reject the racist and xenophobic rhetoric that emanates from the White House almost daily. We are a better people than this.

Monongalia County Democratic Executive Committee

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